Baby: A Fictional Narrative

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“Ann! He loves you, he truly does. He will not be mad, he will be happy. He will love you and your baby. That’s a fact.” Raising my hands slowly, I placed my hands on my stomach. Though it was too soon to feel anything, I still couldn’t help rubbing my stomach lovingly. Sniffling, I gave an airy laugh. “I’m pregnant.” Sue laughed, wrapping her arms around me in a warm embrace. “Yes, you are.” We spent a good portion on the floor talking about names and the future. It’s strange how for a second I was scared of being pregnant, but Sue made me see the beauty of it. Without Sue, I probably would have protested against the idea. The only fear I had to push down was telling David. So after a few hours of talking to Sue, she drove me home. I stood
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