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Clarkson University Professor: Susan Young FN 475 Portfolio Management Stock Simulation: Spring 2010 Visit the web page at to activate and pay for your account online with a credit card. The fee for the service is $28.95. [Or, you may mail the Registration Form attached to the trading rules form along with your check to STOCK-TRAK] Project Trading Rules: Each student will run a $1,000,000 portfolio. Trading accounts will be active on Wednesday, January 27h and end on Wednesday April 14th (11 weeks total). PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU REGISTER BEFORE FRIDAY…show more content…
(See additional handout for a description of the order types.) o Optional: Your strategy can include trading on the international exchange operations; however, you must have an understanding of those markets. This option is allowed primarily for international exchange students who wish to explore their home market and should not be utilized as an experiment. o Be as specific as possible in terms of your selections and the percentage of funds employed in each area. Attempt to make selections that are appropriate given the current economic climate. For the fundamental traders, you may want to check out the yahoo stock screener at the following address: . For the technical traders, you may want to check out: These two web sites will be explored in a later class. o It is very important to remain informed regarding the current economic climate and political events occurring in the world and global marketplace. One very effective method is to watch CNBC (Channel 43) daily if possible at market open (9:30 am) and again at market close (4:00 pm), to read/sign up for web based ‘market-alert’ reports, and to browse relevant web sites and print media for information regarding economic/political news. o It is highly recommended to minimize the number of different financial assets selected for the portfolio. It is
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