Baby Bloomers

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Time Context The case under study covers the period of the 1980’s (particularly 1987) wherein the Philippine economy is experiencing difficulty due to the political turmoil.

Summary A family enterprise known as the Baby Bloomers specializing in floral arrangement was founded in 1977. It was inspired by the Three Flowers Florists which is considered as the leading supplier of flower arrangements during the previous years. It became widely known floral trade to the market because of the imported materials they use. Also, their standardized outlet, with luxuriant interior and overall air of quality, has a great impact to the customer. This led to a large amount of cash inflows incurred by the company, mainly because
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Letting go of the chance of successful business expansion where it can put the firm in a positive place when it comes to acquiring necessary financing.

It cannot place the company in the forefront of many customers’ mind.

Sacrificing the income coming from expansion of other boutiques.

2. Foreclosed the restaurant with moderate earnings and continue to expand immensely profitable flower boutiques.
There will be more time can be devoted in well-management of the flower boutiques because the company will be focusing on one kind of business.

Greater chance of improving and innovating their products and services because they will stick to business which the family knows best.
Products of this kind of business are not necessaries which customers consumed almost everyday.

In case demand for flower arrangements decrease the company might suffer additional losses because there will be no other sources of income.

3. As the company regains its success, take into consideration expansion of unrelated ventures.
An opportunity to staff new businesses with qualified people. These people can help streamline processes, bring fresh ideas to the organization.

Exposing the brand name Baby Bloomers to a wider audience. This increased pool of potential customers can improve sales, resulting in increased
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