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Baby Blue Bundle

t patiI tried to wait patiently in Oma’s red Ford, but I was starting to get restless. Surely the drive couldn’t be much longer. Nervousness prickled again when I saw the hospital break through the trees.
Oma quietly drove the car down the slushy street. Muddy boulders of hard-packed snow lined the streets and mostly unoccupied parking lots. Thick, fluffy snowflakes whipped past under a cloudy sky the color of chilled steel. Frost crept up the pine trees along the roads, shining slightly in the dim light. The freezing waters of Lake Huron were dotted with huge chunks of ice that bobbed in the waves.
Oma found a parking spot relatively quickly. She turned off the car, and we climbed out. The wind playfully blew snow in our faces as we began to walk to the hospital. In no time, I
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I recognized it as his handwriting. I quickly read it and smiled. My gaze shifted to the little, baby blue bundle. Mom tilted it so I could see my newborn brother. He had a tiny face with tightly closed, and a small fist clutched the side of his blanket. I tried to picture next Christmas, with my new baby brother. Two scenarios came to me; 1- it was a picture-perfect Christmas with the baby waiting patiently and quietly for his turn to open presents. 2-He was ripping out my hair, destroying the tree, and breaking Dad’s new wristwatch. Then we’d have to buy handcuffs or something, and we would have to do everything in the guest bedroom. I was pretty sure that it wouldn’t be either of those, but somewhere in between.
I cleared my throat, a little bit too loudly, but at this point I didn’t honestly care. At this point, I didn’t care how Christmas turned out. Oma looked at me curiously, and Dad turned the video tape on. Looking at the baby’s face- my brother’s face, I spoke loud and clear.
“Today,” I said, enunciating every single syllable, “I wish to announce the blessed arrival of Austin James
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