Baby Boom

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Television came to America in the late 1940’s, It was call “the home screen”. At the beginning the first telecasts were in bars, this types of business use television to win or retain customers. Many of them install televisions for this purpose. In department stores, they display them in the appliances section of the store. People use to watch the units and start asking about price and installation cost. Television often tune to an early filler or the schedule, professional wrestling. Others retailers temporary enter television retailing. Some like beauty parlors, gas stations, and dry cleaners. In 1940’s television sales took off, by this time the start of individual station in largest cities. The cost of owning and operating a station…show more content…
Some of them are the little rascal, rin tin tin, Roy Rogers, superman. In 1955 abc aired Disneyland. In 1980 and 1990 many old tv shows were introduced to new generation this was nickelodeon cable channel.

Other related factors to the sale boom was. Parents found out how hard to deny their children a television, as more families and neighbor acquired sets. The baby boom was another reason that contributed to the sale boom, it was shorter of baby sitter due to the population explosion, parents were unable to find baby sitters, parents have no choice that stay home. Then a lot of parent’s start buying television set to entertain themselves and the children.

A similar pattern was developed with the VCR system. This happen in the 1980’s Families with children start buying and using VCR units. Families developed rules for the television sets. Example of this rules is; some parent limit the time children can watch TV. In the 1950’s television was in ascendency was not absolute. People were still continue reading. newspapers and magazines. But they did not spend a lot of time like they use to do before. In the mid-1960’s television begin to eat away the circulation of some newspapers and periodicals. Until this time TV shows were short. Time had change from the
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