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Baby Boomers are Jealous

Generation X'ers have been described as "fanatically independent individuals pathologically ambivalent about the future, and brimming with unsatisfied longings for permanence, for love, and for material possessions."
(Lauren, p.64) This less-than-flattering description of our generation has since been expanded by the media to the point that myself and my peers are described as a bunch of apathetic slackers unconcerned with family values, godless cynics resentful of the preceding generations.
Since Douglas Coupland's Book Generation X came out in 1991, many things have been said about the twentysomethings. Labeled by Coupland and the media as Generation X. Although the name has stuck,
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John P. Robinson recently supervised a telephone survey and concluded that 57 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds said that having a neat and clean house was "very important" to them (Carnoy, p. 80).
When compared to the Baby boomers, only 48 percent of the 30- to 49-year-olds felt the same way (Carnoy, p.80)
Examples proving that Generation X is not a bunch of ‘slackers' are prevalent all through our society today. Swing, Might, Paper, Curio, and myriad other magazines are all published by X'ers, for X'ers. T.A.G. formally known as ‘The Alternative Group' is after representation. " For too long our needs
(Generation X) have gone ignored in our local, state, and national governments.
In truth, we hope to be a grassroots lobbying force for our age group." (TAG,
Objectives) Adam Werbach (23) is breathing new life into the Sierra club,
America's oldest, largest, and most middle aged environmental group. Thousands of X'ers are popping up all over the place, taking the reins of society and quietly changing America.
"Young People are less commited to their jobs now. My father started working for AT&T as soon as he graduated from college and he just retired last year, at 55, I don't know anyone my age who is likely to have the same situation. These days, three or four years is the longest
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