Baby High Rate Of 83 % Of Infants

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In the year of 2012 Texas reports a sky high rate of 83% of infants were being breastfed immediately after birth and in 2013 it dropped to 77%. Existing mothers always encourage new moms to breastfeed their newborns after birth. Reasons moms encourage others are reasons of having that bond with their child, the savings that they will have and the benefits in health for the mother and baby. With the benefits being valid I too encourage breastfeeding and only formula feeding if the mother can’t produce enough to fit the baby’s needs when fulfilling the satisfaction of feeling full. Breastfeeding moms get it best. They say breastfed babies typically get ill less than other babies. Which is somewhat true due to I was a breastfed baby but I had a number of frequent times being sick with an ear infection. A fact that is true is that breastfed babies can smell their mom when she is nearby, because my son always knew somehow I was in the room when he hadn’t seen me yet. Breastfeeding babies can recognize their mother first than their father reason being that when breastfeeding, babies can see their mother up close and personal. A mother is always wanting their “pre pregnancy” body after birth and with breastfeeding it releases a hormone that helps with contracting the uterus into its pre pregnancy size also giving a faster recovering after birth. Just when a mother was pregnant and she would eat all different kinds of food and the fetus would “taste” the food. Same as with
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