"Baby Immunizations - The Vaccination Dilemma." Loving-Attachment-Parenting.Com.

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"Baby Immunizations - The Vaccination Dilemma." Loving-Attachment-Parenting, n.d. Web. 20 Dec. 2016. This article discusses a few of the immunizations children under the age of two are expected to get and what ingredients are in vaccines. Children are expected to receive 32 vaccines by the age of two, most of them containing various toxins. These toxins are in vaccines in order to attempt to strengthen the immunity over the disease; however, they are also known to cause multiple serious diseases. The information from this article relates to my TED talk because children are expected to have multiple shots by the age of two which may lead to dangerous health problems. This will strengthen my position because…show more content…
Also, just because someone is vaccinated, there is no guarantee that they will have immunity. Vaccines may give a person antibodies against the diseases, but there is no way to control the amount. If there is a low amount of antibodies, than the person is likely to develop the disease. This information relates to my TED talk because vaccines are a problem and harm the body. Because of how society views them, people believe that they can develop immunity against diseases which is not the case. This will strengthen my position because I believe that vaccines hinder and harm the body, and by describing the damaging effects of them, I will be able to enhance my claim about vaccines. "Mercury and Autism." SafeMinds Autism Environment. SafeMinds, 2009. Web. 20 Dec. 2016. This article discusses how mercury and other toxins could be a cause of autism. Autism is closely connected to the toxin overload from both vaccines and the environment, which have a damaging effect on the body. Safeminds is an organization which studies the effect of mercury and focuses on the determining whether or not it causes autism. They believe that because of the toxins in the environment, that when a child is vaccinated, it turns into toxin overload, and damages the body and brain. This information relates to my TED talk because SafeMinds researches trying
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