Baby Narrative

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I could feel my heart trying to break free from the rib cage holding it down like a net. The nervousness in my eyes turned red and everything turned black. No color, no sound and nowhere to be seen. To me it went by in a snap, but actually it took a few hours, with nothing to do except lay there in a room with a bunch of people poking around my eye. I was here for one reason and one reason only it never stopped dripping. My parents thought I had allergies, year after year after year. But deep inside I knew it wasn’t allergies. This drippy eye thing was going to go on for years to come, it even was like this when I was a baby. As a baby, I didn’t know such a thing existed, but as I got older that changed. I started to realize that it was…show more content…
But now here’s the hard part, we can either put some very small tubes in her tear duct and leave them in for a few months hoping after we take them out her tear duct will open up forever, or drill a hole through her bone permanently. If we try the tubes and it doesn’t work we can either drill the hole or leave it.” “That sounds good.” my dad said confident The day of my surgery came it started at 7:30am so I wasn’t able to eat breakfast, but that wasn’t the sad part I was missing the first day of 4th grade! I got to the hospital as scared as I could be. While walking, the sun’s rays reflected off one of the hospital’s windows and landed right in my face. What a day I thought. When we got in the building a doctor took my mom and I straight up to a room. They had to put a whole bunch of tubes in me through shots. I HATE SHOTS!! When it was time they took me to a room full of people. One of them took my finger and put tape around it, so I think it was taped. That was the last thing I remember before my world turned black. Since I’ve recovered from surgery everything has been GREAT! I can run without my eye getting blurry, I can swim without water filling up my goggles and I can see the world more clearly now ( Literally ), and the best part is that the tubes worked and the eye doctors didn’t have to drill a hole through my bone to fix
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