Baby Reflection

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Overall, I did not enjoy doing this project because it was extremely difficult, especially having to wake up in the middle of the night to take care of the baby, but I also believe this project was highly educational since I got to learn many new things. This project allowed me to experience the difficulties which many endure in the early stages of baby care. By taking care of the baby, waking up in the night, performing many tasks for the baby, it made me more empathetic towards mothers and appreciate their hard work. When I first found about the project, I was not as excited as some others were in the class because having a brother who is six years younger than me, I know how difficult it is to raise a child. When I first got the baby, I was very afraid of how others would judge me because they would either think I was a teen mom or I was mentally unstable since I was carrying a toy doll. After receiving many dirty looks, it made me feel empathetic towards girls my age who have babies and get judged as well as looked down upon by others. It is already very difficult to take care of a baby and manage school, but with others giving offensive looks, it really affects a person. Luckily my baby was an imitation of a real baby because I cannot imagine constantly receiving those looks from others and be responsible of taking care of someone other than myself at this age. I learned that I should be more understanding towards teenage mothers because they have to manage many
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