Baby Sea Turtles Hatch Research Paper

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My favorite memory was the time when I watch baby sea turtles hatch! During the summer I spend a lot of time at the beach, and this summer I got to see something that I have never gotten to see before. Every few miles there were areas roped off with signs that said “Please Do Not Disturb” this was because they didn’t want anything to happen to the babies. We had some friends who would help watch the nests every night, so my mom and I started to the nest with them. This meant countless nights out on the beach until like one or two in the morning just to watch these cuties hatch. I never realized that it could get that cold at night in the middle of July, but we had to take blankets and sweatshirts out with us because we would get so cold. Finally one night they hatched!…show more content…
When I saw the first one emerge from the sand I was so happy! I have always loved sea turtles and now I get to see the babies in real life! I didn’t realize how many eggs a sea turtle hatched, I would bet there was at least 50 or so little turtles that emerged from the packed sand. Then they start the fun journey to the ocean. For some sea turtles this is a really hard step because if they hatch during the day they run the risk of getting eaten by seabirds, while at night they run the risk of getting eaten by something in the sea. Luckily for me I didn’t have to see a single baby get
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