Baby Testing Pros And Cons

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There are tests stated in in the Wall Street Journal story that people now have to take on their newborns to test if their kid has any diseases. The tests are just to see if the newborns have any diseases that can be prevented before they get the diseases and to help further the development of treatments for rare diseases. These tests just mainly test for the most major disorders and some states have additional tests to take in addition to those. Like how in California it’s required to get your baby tested for Hemogloblin H disease, even though it can cause anemia and they’re uncertain if early diagnosis is helpful to the baby. Some parents say that the tests are important to family-planning, while some of the others say that they don’t like the tests because they are sometimes used for research. Those thoughts are their beliefs on the matter and more people also think that the tests will lead to unnecessary testing and treatments for babies who wouldn’t have gotten sick at all. I believe all of those…show more content…
I don’t believe that people should have to pay for mandatory tests, they could not have insurance or not have money so it’s difficult for them to pay. Another thing is that the test from New York that said 25 babies tested positive for the Krabbe disease although only two of them that were high risk didn’t get symptoms until after 8-16 months of age. It proves that the tests are quite accurate and could possibly be used to find out if people are going to get a certain disease in the future. With that in mind I was quite surprised that they only test for the most major disorders, they could be missing tons of different diseases that are also very life threatening to us. In the end, the tests have some ups and downs that could be improved upon in the near future but for now they are plenty fine to use and check out the diseases that we could
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