Baby Thesis-Computerized Ssc Record Keeping

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ABSTRACT This research study entitled “Computerized SSC Record Keeping” was conducted at Romblon State University-Cajidiocan Campus during the 1st Semester of the Academic Year 2011-2012. This study attempts to design a computerized record keeping helping the Supreme Student Council in record keeping as well as the students as they transact business in the SSC office as they secure the SSC Secretary’s signature. The system provides a fast, accurate and easy way of record keeping and retrieval of information. The main objective of this study is to design, develop and operate a computerized SSC record keeping. The proponents made use of the descriptive survey type of research in knowing the perceptions of the students in the traditional …show more content…
The officers are also in-charge in checking the student’s attendances on school activities and in collecting contributions for school affairs. All records were being kept by the SSC Secretary for future use. Before examination periods, students are required to secure their examination permits and have all signatories to sign in their respective slot for them to be able to take their examinations. Students fall in line and sometimes crowding in the corridors and the stair in front of the office just to transact business with the SSC personnel. On the other hand, the SSC Secretary and Treasurer are having a hard time sorting files in folders, manually checking for each student’s records. Having these scenarios, sometimes the SSC personnel just end up arguing with impatient students. The researchers of this study were also aware of the said situation and were able to think of a remedy to help the SSC officers regarding this problem by means of designing a computerized Supreme Student Council record keeping.

Statement of the Problem The study was conducted to design a computerized Supreme Student Council Record keeping at Romblon State University- Cajidiocan Campus. Specifically, the study attempted to answer the following questions: 1. What problems are encountered in the traditional way of record keeping? 2. What is the perceived best solution to these problems? 3. If the record keeping will be computerized, what features

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