Babylon Revisited And The Grape Of Wrath Analysis

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Both Babylon Revisited and The Grape of wrath are stories that capture and explain the difficulties and the changes that occurred in people's lives as a result of the Great Depression of 1929. Babylon Revisited explores life after the recession with its setting being in the 1930's. It explains the economical downfall of individuals during the recession and how they view the life before the recession, during the recession, and after the recession. The Grape of Wrath is set in the recession time with the story focusing on the Joad family, their woes during the move to California to search for work and the numerous challenges that they faced in California. It gives an in-depth understanding of what the great depression was all about and how…show more content…
He then goes to search for his family at his uncles accompanied by his friend Tim who they reconnect on his journey back home. The arrival at his uncle's place where his family had taken shelter dawned on him the increased rates of unemployment. Even his uncle's family had fled the countryside to California in search of work. This meant that the desperation for work was increasing alarmingly (Steinbeck, 1939).
Charlie in the Babylon Revisited takes his time to study Paris and visit all the areas he used to go to before the Recession. He realized that there was so much that he had missed out on in those several years. This clearly shows that Charlie was not able to travel to Paros as often as he used to which described his reason why he hadn't been in touch with his friend. The Great Depression can, therefore, be seen to have caused tremendous changes in his life including his lifestyle and his travels. In changing his lifestyle, Charlie is seen to have quit his drunkard ways and only drunk one bottle a day as is shown when he declines his friend's offers to go and drink wildly like they used to before. While Charlie was away, it is not clear if he had to go to rehab to change his ways or the money troubles from the recession did this on their own (Fitzgerald, 2008).
The Grape of Wrath saw the Joad family travel to California in search of work which was scarce and getting scarcer by day as more people trickled in

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