Babylon Revisited by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Following the release of his short stories, F. Scott Fitzgerald became highly favored, writing about two hundred stories over the span of twenty years. Though regarded today as a great novelist as well, he wrote one of the best short stories in the English language, Babylon Revisited. Published after the stock market crash of 1929, he created a tale that is highly relatable even today with realistic scenarios of relationships and human tragedy. Known as the historian of the Jazz Age, this short story reveals the aftermath of extravagant living and ultimate failure, providing the rawness of biographic elements that one can’t help but be drawn to. Because of the incapability of perfection and the inevitable consequences of our mistakes, this story remains the most recollected and favored by its ease of connectivity paired with the beautiful language of Fitzgerald. The plotline, as it is analyzed, becomes more and more relatable. Charlie Wales returns to Paris in 1930, and looks with a new eye at his surroundings now that he is sobered from the excessive lifestyle once lives in the 20’s spent with the idols of money and partying. In times past beside his wife, Helen, they had an unhealthy marriage that Helen’s sister, Marion Peters, believes to be the cause of his wife’s death. She cannot fully trust him though he is sober now from a past of alcoholism. The text states despite her coldness towards him “He had other plans.” Charlie returns to Paris to
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