Babylonian Medicine Essay

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Considering the idea that history is a continuum the comparison and the contrast of events and research in Babylonian medicine and Muslim medicine are analogous. There are trends related to health and medicine that seem to be comparable in both cultures, like the writings left behind from both cultures that provided us with information about the development of medicine in both the Babylonian and Muslim cultures. For example, the Bible, Hamarabi's code, Edwin's Smith Papyrus, and Ebers Papyrus are a few of the most important writing in the Babylonian culture. Nonetheless, in the Muslim culture the canon on medicine and dentistry in the writings of Moses Maimonides are all writings that have provided us with a perspective view of medicine in…show more content…
The effect of superstition on their mental attitudes, and problem solving abilities were positive. Additionally, both culturally provided explanations for birth, death, and disease. Furthermore, they both believed that sicknesses were the result of witchcraft, demons or the will of the gods. These beliefs typically occurred as a response to a situation in which they had little or no control over the outcome, and it is shown that superstition can help an individual deal better with adverse circumstances. However, many superstitious beliefs have a basis in practicality and logic, which resulted in the infusion of medicine and superstition, and the downgrading of physicians to a status below that of a priest. Additionally, in both cultures superstition thrived, and both cultures look at the priest healing with the help of prayer, incarnation, bathing, rest and nutrition and an impressive array of animal, vegetable, and mineral substance all designed to appease the gods and alleviate human suffering. Medicine in both cultures was clearly becoming a specialized and full-time profession (Anderson, 2007, p.
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