Baccalaureate Nursing Research Paper

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Associate Degree Level Nurse Versus Baccalaureate Nurse
Quality patient care relies on having an educated workforce. There is a growing body of evidence that shows that the Bachelor of Science Nursing graduate brings unique skills to their work as nursing clinicians and play an important role in the delivery of safe patient care. In addition to having basic nursing fundamentals nurse’s today are expected to take a huge part and lead professional initiatives that drive towards improving the safety, quality, and efficiency of care that is delivered to patients.
A registered nursing degree is obtainable by selection of one of the following educational routes: 1) A three-year diploma program that is typically administered in hospitals. 2) A
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In addition to the basic nursing practice education the baccalaureate nursing practice incorporates the roles of assessing, critical thinking, communication, providing care, teaching and leading. (Grand Canyon University College of Nursing Philosophy) There is an additional model of nursing research and management. This additional model prepares the baccalaureate level nurse for a broader scope of practice and enhances the student’s professional development. This research assists them in improving the quality of care that is given to the…show more content…
The BSN nurse has the educational knowledge to be able to analyze and question the medical doctor in regards to medications that are prescribed to the patient. The BSN nurse considers the current condition and any co-morbid conditions that the patient may have. They also consider the age of the patient, educational background, and any dietary needs or restrictions that the patient may have. They also factor in interactions and reactions that may occur related to the medical condition or conditions of the patient. The BSN nurse is better prepared to educate the patient regarding medications that are either part of the current medication regimen or newly prescribed. They are prepared to properly educate the patient regarding medication interactions and any dietary interactions that may occur. (ex. Coumadin) This education given by the BSN nurse prepares the patient for more positive outcomes when discharged from the hospital
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