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13th November 2012 Tutor: Leslie-Ann Calliste

1. History and background of Carlsberg

Carlsberg exported their first barrel of beer in 1868. The quality of the beer was very important to J.C. Jacobsen which led to the establishment of the Carlsberg Laboratory in 1875. And it has always been renowned for consistently high quality. In recent years things have really taken off. Expansion and
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In modern theory, an organization is defined as a designed and structured process in which individuals interact for objectives (Hicks & Gullet, 1997) Modern Theory has three different Approaches: 1. The systems approach: it views the inter connectedness between several components such as, individual, environment, communication, balancing and decision analyzing as the goal of organization as well. 2. Socio- technical approach: it is based on technical system and environment of organization. An organization uses tools and techniques on producing their products to make the organization more effective technologically. 3. Contingency or situational approach: it is based on inter-relating to the environment. When different environments require different organizational relationships for maximum effectiveness in correlation with social. Legal, political, technical and economic factors.(refer to appendix 1)

The mission and vision of Carlsberg is clear that they are intending to be known as the best beer company in the world. They lead their company with innovative and continuous improvement. Their strategy mainly falls on maintaining the brands and innovation in collaboration with customers, improve their effectiveness and efficiency, maintain their social value and reputation, and develop high skilled People within the company.

3. Management Structure and leadership

Management structure is the tools which develop the relationships between
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