Bachofer's Indigo

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When I first saw the artwork, I didn't know what to think. Some of the artwork seemed ordinary. I remember one of the art displays as a chair with pillows on it. At first, I questioned whether it was art. When I looked a little closer, the art was the pillow. The pillow was handcrafted out of Indigo Vat. Indigo is a natural dye that makes a deep connection with the human eye. In hopes of using indigo, artist Kathy Bachofer, catches the viewer’s eye through color as well as through patterns and lines. In addition to Kathy Bachofer’s art, Victoria Snyder’s work was fascinating to look at as well as very eye-catching. My first impression of her work was that it’s amazing and unique. In which she chose to display her art. She could’ve chosen to
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