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In the article of "The Secret power of things we hold dear." Sherry Turkle means by "The Objects we Think With." That we cannot remember some of our memories, but if we have the objects that are related to those memories, we will be able to restore them. Those objects can be postcards, photographs, watch, and necklaces. By looking to those objects the mind automatically will start playing the memories episodes. We will start watching the memories that are connected with those objects, and remembering everything about the missing memories. The author was talking about the kitchen closet in her grandparents’ apartment, and how this closet became a source of her family memories. She means by “The Objects we Think With.” Is our objects are…show more content…
When I was 19 years old, my mom gave me a photograph when I was 12 years old at the zoo. I have a lot of memories with this photograph. Whenever I look to it, I do remember when I was playing at the zoo with my sister and my parent was watching us. I do remember when I was so scared to take a picture in front of the Lion cage. By looking to this photograph I do remember every event that happened that day. I feel like my mind recorded that day, and by looking to the photograph, it starts playing that recording. I have an object that keep giving me a passion and power my life. One of my friends gave me a watch about 4 years ago. He told me that I can't use it until I got my bachelor and back to Egypt. He told me don't even open the watch case, because I will open it when you comeback. I still have this watch unopened since 2010. Whenever I feel frustrated, I just look to the watch. So when I look to the watch I do remember what my friend had said to me. This really give me a real power and passion through my education

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