Back Off Dress Codes Karen Manicotti Analysis

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Analysis of an Argumentative Essay
When analyzing an argument, there are many things a reader must take in to consideration to make their own decision. They need to consider the facts, why the argument is being made, and the opinions already expressed by the writer. Based off all of the information from the argument, one can decide if they are for or against the decision at hand. The argument that I am analyzing today is the school dress code demanding too much from children. Looking at Karen Manicotti’s article, “Back off, dress codes. This is not your call” presents heavy evidence that students are being too controlled and degraded by the way the school dress code is being enforced.
Karen Manicotti’s article, “Back off, dress codes. This
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The argument goes on to express that girls are being humiliated in front of not only teachers and administrators, but also in front of their class mates and peers. The teachers say, “We just want them to respect themselves” (Manicotti). The teachers are referring to the way that the girls are dressed in school. Also with humiliating the girls; schools are indoctrinating a mindset that is “Harmonious with rape culture” (Manicotti). The next argument to address is the unfair rules that are being set and enforced by teachers. For instance, if a boy is not dressed to code, the only punishment he will get is being “Respectfully asked to adhered to the dress code in the future” (Manicotti). If a female is wearing a skirt that is a few inches shorter than the required length, females would be asked to go to the office, or be expelled for defying school rules. Not only are those some of the consequences a female might face when not following school dress code, they may also be singled out at a school assembly, asked to change clothes, or even sent home for the day for not being in proper dress code attire. Lastly, if boys have different rules from girls, they are being told they are not responsible for their actions, because girls are provoking them. “Second, ripping dress-code-violating girls out of class and sending them home prioritizes the rights of the boys (to learn without…show more content…
This is not your call.” presents strong arguments on why the dress code is degrading students by the way it is being enforced. Following these arguments, there are many things addressed about each one of the points made in this analyzing. Due to the things addressed, Manicotti wants support on not sexualizing female bodies on the dress code. Along with making male students responsible for their actions, teachers and administrators need to fairly enforce the dress code policy. Not only were there facts to prove all of these points, but there were specific details supporting the evidence. This article would make for a good read if there were more statics, facts and clear cut evidence supporting the argument. It might still be an intriguing read if people actually believe schools are abusing the dress code
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