Back Pain Mistakes

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After gaining much experience of treating thousands of back pain patients over years, I have come across the conclusion that there are some common mistakes which are made by the people themselves for getting rid of the back pain. I would recommend you to be aware of these mistakes that I have come across and found out which of them you are making yourself. Mistake no 1: Enduring a Treatment Routine that is not Working People often pursue those treatments that are not actually working for them. One of my clients has gone through 70 treatments by a professional chiropractor and still had not received any relief. I suggest that if a treatment is not showing any improvement in a 3 months period, it should be changed. Alternatively, you must…show more content…
I have spotted some of my patients who despite their excellent fitness level and perfect body shape, suddenly become a victim of lower back problem. Even those people who exercise can have lower back problems. Cyclists, for example, can have grave muscular imbalances particularly in the lower body and it occurs because they are continuously pedaling the bicycle and using one set of antagonistic muscles while the others stay unused. Same thing can happen with normal people and non-athletes. Mistake no 4: Taking Symptomatic Treatment Only Many people take a particular back pain treatment that diminishes the symptoms only. Some of them are drugs, and electrical stimulation etc. People assume that the remedy that results in disappearance of the symptom is the ultimate cure of their pain, but this belief is completely false. Pain is a signal that shows that something is wrong in your body. Relieving the pain does not mean that the problem in the body is also treated. Abnormal postural positions can lead to stressed out muscles in the body which can create very painful conditions just like the sciatica or herniated discs. Mistake no 5: Giving up saying ‘I’ve tried
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