Back To Military School: A Personal Analysis

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When I was in middle school, I struggled to get good grades and follow directions. June 5th 2015 marked the day I was sent to St. John’s. It was a painfully cold morning and all the clouds were grey. I had fallen asleep on the couch the previous night and woke to 2 large men watching my every move. My mom had threatened to send me to military school many times; however, I never took the threat seriously. Once I had opened my eyes I realized the threats weren’t just a joke. I had a gut feeling I knew exactly why these 2 men were here. Even when not in comfortable situations it’s important to set positive goals. Not everyone sets goals for their military and academic department, the overriding benefits of setting goals include higher grades, Gain leader qualities and most specifically, the opportunity to grow, which will result in a more accomplished adult life. I needed to get better grades. While living in Colorado and going to public school I had a GPA of .7. I was passing 1 class with a D. I needed better grades if I wanted to move on in life. My …show more content…

Giving someone the opportunity to grow is the best gift you can give. Even if it’s not in your best interest. I’m sure many of the moms didn’t want to send their sons away to a military school; however, I doubt any of them regret their decision. Seeing what cadets become over time is a moving experience. When my mom sent me to military school, I was angry. I was mad and I couldn’t understand why she would sent me away to this school I was close minded and didn’t see the overriding benefits that come overtime. My mom gave me the opportunity to grow. The most needed opportunity I think I will ever be given. If I had stayed in public school I never would have come the man I am today. Even though we grow over time and mature. We don’t receive all the lessons needed, and this opportunity. The opportunity to grow at St John’s is the most important opportunity I have ever been

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