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Back-to-school season has arrived. Parents and their little ones are getting prepared for the big day. School supplies are in stock, new clothes and fresh socks are in stock, and mom's even preparing a few specials surprises for the kids' first day of school. Now it is time to get the camera ready to capture the special occasion for the grandparents, and of course, mom's Facebook page. Grand Lens Photography shares these creative ideas to make your back-to-school photo session a memorable one.

1) Candid moments

Style pose photographs are always great, but candid shots are priceless. Allow the kids to be themselves. A few great ideas for back-to-school candids are:
- Photos of them interacting with their friends.
- Photos of the child while shopping for their
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2) Jumping for joy

There is really only one way to explain how parents feel about their child going back to school and this mom expresses it perfectly.

Elizabeth Renee

3) First-day favorites

This particular photo idea requires a pocket of blank space in the photo, leaving room for the parent to write all of the child's favorite foods, activities, etc. in the photo. Try using either side of your house/building or garage door similar to the photo below. By making this photo idea an annual tradition, you will have a full deck of stats cards.

Raney Traditions

There are moms who do not event want to think about the school year starting again and other moms who can't wait for their children to head back. No matter which type of mom you are, the school year is fast approaching, which means it is time to take back-to-school photos. Whether you are cheering or crying when your children leave you in the morning on that first day, at least you will have some amazing photos to cherish for a very long time!

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