Back To The Future: Movie Analysis

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Anyone’s future can change in a split second. “Back to the Future” is a trilogy directed and written by Robert Zemeckis. The movie is about a teen experiencing different time zones with an older scientist that is a close friend to him. Throughout the movie Marty McFly, the main character, matures and learns life lessons from going through major events. Marty goes through many situations, that not every average teen would go through which helps him create a positive future for himself. A major theme in the “Back to the Future” series is that a person’s future is not set in stone, this theme is portrayed in the movie, when every time they travel through time a lot changes, Marty maturing throughout the movie changed his future, and when Doc is supposed to fall in love and face death. In all the “Back to the Future” movies, Doc and Marty always end up accidentally changing something when they travel back in time. The theme is portrayed when Marty travels back to 1955 and helps his dad stick up to Biff, it caused his dad and his entire family to be more successful. Just one small change, can cause have a huge impact on one’s future (BTTF 1). If one’s future was set in stone, then when George stuck up to Biff he would’ve still been a loser, but that just wouldn’t make logical sense. For example, when Doc and Marty travel to 2015, the future Biff takes the time machine and travels back to 1955…show more content…
The theme of writing your own future is an important message to get out across to everyone. Many people just face their destiny without realizing that they can change their destiny or do the complete opposite, and it could affect their future in a positive
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