Back from the Dead: A Deontology Study Essay

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The theory that best describes the case: Back From the Dead is Deontology. That theory of Deontology is "the study of duty." The theory of Deontology states that the situation that one may find themselves in does not matter for the use of reasoning. Deontology deals with command imperatives. That is using the word ought to make a claim. Deontology is about a person's duty as a professional to fulfill their obligation to their clients and themselves. The case that provides a moral dilemma is: Back from the Dead. This case is about Dr. Cee who is a veterinarian with a well-established practice in a small city. His client Ms. Kay has a dog-named Sandy that has been diagnosed with a rare blood disease. The vet only knew of one…show more content…
Cee is a professional and he is specialized in knowing what is probably best for the dog. He realized the dog could be treated and would most likely be fine. Dr. Cee decided to go against his client's wishes and treat the dog. That caused a major moral dilemma because who is to say that either choice is better. If the doctor decided to put the dog to sleep and then he could have had a chance to save the dogs life. It makes you morally think that the doctor was right. On the other hand, the client did not want the dog to suffer anymore even though she was very attached to the dog. Being in the vet's position, makes it hard to realize you should follow your client's wishes. Even though the dogs life could be saved, that is what their profession outlines ethically. The approach I took to solve this moral dilemma was Deontology. The biggest issue this case deals with is the duty of the veterinarian as a professional. In his ethical contract they are supposed to do what the client wants no matter if they think there is a better option. It is the veterinarian's duty to offer other suggestions like he did to maybe help the dog, but if the client does not feel confident about the evidence given for other options, then the vet should have respected her decision to euthanize the dog. Although there was a chance that the dog could live, the client specifically said that she did not want the dog to suffer through the treatment, which the vet
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