Back in Fashion: Rebuilding the D&G Brand in Hong Kong

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Back in fashion: Rebuilding the D&G brand in Hong Kong A seemingly simple action has turned into a public relations disaster for the renowned high-end fashion company Dolce & Gabbana. The Hong Kong branch of D&G "reportedly prevented" Hong Kong citizens from taking photographs of its main storefront on Canton Road while mainland Chinese and foreign visitors were allowed to happily snap away (Chow, 2012, Ban sparks protest). The initial response of the company was both weak and unsatisfying: "representatives of the retailer allegedly defended its policy, arguing that it was trying to protect its intellectual property even though the pictures were taken from the public street" (Chow 2012, Ban sparks protest). This defensive posturing only served to further inflame public sentiment against the retailer. A Facebook-organized protest of 1,000 Hong Kong residents rallied outside the Italian brand's doors protesting what they saw as prejudice against local residents. The transparency of D&G's defense was further undercut when a photographer from the Apple Daily reported "he was told by a security guard that only mainland Chinese or foreign tourists were allowed to take photos outside the store, with another guard allegedly threatening to break his camera" and published his story online (Booker 2012). Racism is a serious charge in today's hyper-conscious media environment, which makes it curious why the company undertook an action that could inflame such potential
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