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Back to School

Coming back to school was not something I was planning to do. It would pop into my head now and then, but I never really intended to follow through with it. However, now that I am back in school, it has changed my goals in my life, not only for me but also for my children. I want to be a positive role model. I would like to be someone they could look up to and be proud of. As for me, my role model was my grandfather, I always looked up to him and he has never let me down.

I grew up on the Navajo reservation, without running water and electricity. We used oil lanterns at night to light up the house. It was not bright, but it was enough to light our little Hogan. We had to travel about three miles
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Even so, my grandfather was an inspiration to me and he was a positive role model for me, and I hope I could instill it in my children’s future.

I did not plan on furthering my education after graduating from Monument Valley High School in 1993. Therefore, I went on to discover the outside world on my own. Some of my relatives would try to persuade me to go to college. I did have cousins that went to college after graduation but eventually dropped out. I use to ask myself, what is the point of going to college when I do not have the motivation to go to school? Therefore, I left home, away from the reservation. I went to the Grand Canyon and started working there in the hotel and restaurant industry. I truly enjoyed working in the hotels and restaurants; it was a great experience for me. Only to find out that it is leading me towards my path to my college career. I worked at the Grand Canyon for six years and finally decided to move to Flagstaff. I started working at Embassy Suites, where many of my colleagues were NAU students. They would talk about school all the time, and after a while, they actually made me start thinking about going back to school. I also have three of my close cousins attending the Northern Arizona University as well. So, I finally decided to go back to school at the last minute.

Getting all my financial aid, immunizations, and
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