Back to the Future Directed by Robert Zemeckis

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As people are trying to find life on other planets today.

The fear that people will potentially mess up the world by advancing in science too far. Due to the fact that the world today quickly advancing in all types of sciences

That you can achieve any goals that you really want to.

That being able to excel in the sciences is very possible.

Uses sub-genres throughout the film such as comedy, romance and adventure.

People always being curious about their future.

Having the fear of rejection and being worried to fail.

Racist towards different cultures. When the family (living on the farm) in the past believes that Marty is an Alien from the son’s comic book.

Many times when Marty has close calls of making himself non-existent bye accidentally ruining his parents’ relationship.

An example of this is when Dr. Emmett Brown achieves his goal to invent a time machine (or just something that works) another example is when Marty’s dad achieves his goal to write a sci-fi novel.

The scientist has exceled in different sciences and proves that anything is possible

An example of comedy is how Dr. Emmett Brown says lots of funny things. And example of romance is the romance between Marty’s parents. The adventure is shown throughout the movie when they are doing the quests.

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