Backaches and Depression and Poverty, Oh My!

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In order to attain an adequate life in an ideal society, a person must obtain a job. Jobs are like a bag of mixed candy- they come in a variety of sizes and value. Like anyone, people like to pick the best candy first, but what happens when all the good candy is taken? People are stuck with the “bad” candy. In this case, people like to pick the best jobs, but, like the candy bag, what happens when all the good jobs are taken? Similarly, people are left with “bad” jobs that pay a meager salary. Minimum wage is a nightmare to anyone that depends on the payment to make a living; furthermore, minimum wage life requires a person to take more than one job in order to make a good living, and it requires hard work paid with salaries that…show more content…
In a short fiction essay, “I Stand Here Ironing”, by Tillie Olsen, she wills the narrator, a young single mother that worked jobs that barely paid her minimum wage, to say “We were poor and could not afford her the soil of easy growth” (230). That is the familiar life story of many single mothers, or in some cases both parents, that cannot afford to give their children what they need. Children suffer- most families that rely on minimum wage cannot assure their children new clothing, shoes, and most importantly, a healthy diet to help them grow adequately. Although some people do not want to acknowledge it, there is an “ever-widening wage gap” (Parker 234) in our society. As illustrated in Jeff Parker’s “The Great GAPsby Society” (234), there is an older male in the bourgeois class that is blind and oblivious to the wage gap between himself and a young adult that is in a fast food uniform. Of these two, who has benefited by the economic expansion? The person with the “most skills” always prevails against the person with the least or no skills. In this case, the affluent man who works for an immense corporation is the one with the “most skills”. So many jobs are outsourcing due to these large corporations that some people cannot help the fact that they have the only option of

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