Background And Aims Of A Drug Application Process Essay

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BACKGROUND/AIMS AND INTRODUCTION Despite medicinal commodities, a pharmaceutical company delivers a product with the primary intention to produce profit. As a direct result, often highly infectious diseases with little to no marketable potential are not developed or easily available for those with financial instability, particularly those in the developing world. When you take into consideration that a drug application process takes nearly 10 years to develop, millions of dollars to fund and then is often denied acceptance, it is not unforeseen that companies are hesitant to spend valuable time and money on a product with no intentional revenue. Nonetheless, this still goes to question the morality of a company when medication and health is advertised as a necessity in mid to high income countries, but neglected for lower income countries. Forman (2012) verifies the divide is rampant as, “The World Health Organization estimates that 15 per cent of the world’s population consumes over 90 percent of the world’s production of pharmaceuticals” (p. 26). Trouiller (2002) suggest that the most common examples of these neglected diseases are malaria, tuberculosis, Dengue fever, Buruli ulcers, leishmaniosis, trypanosomiasis, diarrheal diseases and in some cases, HIV/AIDS where resources are inaccessible in Africa and South-East Asia. In fact, HIV is a primary killer in lower income countries due to the neglect of both society and pharmaceutical industries. Through the amalgamation
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