Background And Culture Of Mexico

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Mexico is located in Northern America, bordered by the United States, Belize and

Guatemala. The country’s population is at currently 112.3 million with a total land area

of 1,972,550 km. The majority of this population’s language is Spanish, making this

country the largest Spanish speaking population in the world. A significant portion of the

country of Mexico is Catholic, although there are a variety of other prevalent religions.

The Mexican community views their religion and family life as a vital piece of their

cultural structure and place a high value on both the social community and family

responsibility. The overall culture in Mexico is vibrant and energetic, with a heavy

emphasis on its many holidays and traditions. The food includes staples of corn and

wheat tortillas, beans, rice, tomatoes chili peppers, and chorizo. Fuel and mining

account for a large piece of the GDP in Mexico, and manufacturing has become a

growing industry for the country as well. In this case we will discuss globalization effects

and how culture has affected some of the HR policies in Mexican society today.


Studies have shown that people living in areas with the least exposure to globalization

are lagging as compared to regions that have felt globalization’s impact full force. These

‘high exposure’ states, the Northern states, experience greater levels of globalization

due to the fact that their export-oriented industries are a
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