Background And History : Tammy Marquardt

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Background and History Tammy Marquardt was born in Toronto, Ontario. She comes from an Aboriginal and European background, and was raised by her mother. Tammy has suffered sexual abuse from her mother’s boyfriend as a teen, and has left home at the age of 17. Tammy and her boyfriend, Robert Nelson were expecting a child in the summer of 1990, and Tammy was only 19 years old at the time. That relationship did not last, since she went on to marry another man named Ricky Marquardt two months before Kenneth’s second birthday. Unfortunately, Ricky was abusive to Tammy and her child. Having to contact the Children’s Aid Society frequently in order to protect Kenneth made her living situation unbearable. Growing up, Kenneth had several health conditions, including asthma, pneumonia and epilepsy. He has also suffered several seizures over time in his life. The Crime On October 9, 1993, Kenneth was napping in the spare bedroom, and Tammy went to check on him finding him tangled into his sheets and was gasping for breath. She has tried to free him, but was unsuccessful. Tammy called 911 and the operator instructed her to perform CPR, but Tammy was too stressed and was not calm enough to follow the instructions. The emergency crews came in and took Kenneth and he was successful revived at the hospital. However, the doctors told Tammy that Kenneth has suffered brain damage and he was put in life support. Kenneth was taken off life support and has passed

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