Background And Motivation On Online Social Networks

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Background and Motivation:
Another form of attack on online social networks is the Social Link Disclosure based attacks, in which the goal of an attacker is to obtain knowledge of a significant fraction of the links in the network. The value of participating in an online social network for a user lies majorly in the ability to leverage the structure of the social network graph. But, knowledge of this social graph by parties other than the service provider paves the way for powerful data mining, some of which may not be desirable to the users. The ability to conduct these analyses on social networks is becoming increasingly important in the data mining, database and theoretical computer science communities [4.32]. Since nodes in social networks often contain sensitive links that must be concealed from adversaries, however altering the edges of a graph to conceal the existence of links changes the structure of the graph, which can severely impact the results of analysis on the graph.
Goals and scope of study: <Common - to be taken from interim report>
To do a survey of ongoing research on methods to address a type of attack on online social networks, called social link disclosure-based attack and to analyze the goals of such an attack. The focus is on two approaches to Privacy-Preserving Link Analysis. To understand the various concepts involved, such as node coverage and lookahead. To analyze various possible attack strategies such as Benchmark - Greedy,…
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