Background And Present Context Of Staples Incorporation

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xHistorical Background and Present Context Staples Incorporation states on their site, “We’ve been helping businesses for nearly 30 years, and it’s all thanks to a broken typewriter ribbon.” (Staples Inc., 2014) Tom Stemberg, who was a former supermarket chain executive, founded Staple Incorporation in 1985. Tom Stemberg’s typewriter ribbon has broken over the Fourth of July weekend while he was typing up a business proposal. Most local supplies and stationary stores were closed due to the holiday weekend. Since Stemberg had so much trouble trying to find the right ribbon for his typewriter, it made him realize that the world was in need of a store that provided office products. In 1986, Staple Incorporation opened their first and only store in Brighton, Massachusetts. Staples become the one-stop shop for office cleaning supplies, office supplies, technology, and break room items. Staples customers consist of large, small, new, and existing businesses. In 1992, Staples started to enter into the European marketplace. A few months after they become partners with Kingfisher and MAXI-Paper, later to buy them out in 1996. In 1993 they were able to open up their first store in the Untied Kingdom. On Staples 10 year anniversary, they become a Fortune 500 Company and the sixth company to generate sales over $3 billion in 10 years. In between 2000 and 2016, Staples opened up an eCommerce, in-store pack and ship services, tech support, print and copy services, and many ways to make
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