Background And Related Work : Home Automation System

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Chapter 2. Background and Related Work 2.1. Background and used technologies A home automation system will have a hub which acts as a gateway, Modem or Wi-Fi router to connect to the internet and some smart devices. Here, smart devices refer to home devices like motion sensor, electric bulb, open/close sensor, etc., that send information to the hub, receive functionality instructions from the hub and perform the actions accordingly. For example, turning the light on/off. The purpose of home automation systems are to allow ease of access to all devices within a home either locally or remotely via the internet [5]. The following figure shows the communication between the home devices, hub, Wi-Fi router, and internet with remote devices such as smartphones or computers. Figure 1: Communication model for smart homes. The descriptions of some of the key words in home automation are given below: 1) Home Appliances: These are everyday devices used in any home like power outlets, electric bulbs, fans, thermostats, open/close sensors, present sensor, etc. 2) Hub or home gateway: This device is used to bridge the technological barrier of communication between home appliances and internet via Wi-Fi router. 3) Remote Devices: Remote devices are those through which the user remotely monitors and controls the functionalities of home like laptops, tablets and smartphones. SmartThings helps to supervise, control and secure the users home from everywhere. SmartThings has various

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