Background Checks

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The Preying Background Jasmine Sophus COM/156 January 9, 2012 Stacy Tye-Williams Abstract Criminal record checks are high in demand for decision makers to predict future unwanted behaviors during employment screening. Employers conduct background checks on job applicants for several reasons. One reason may be to confirm their moral character. Another reason may be the desire to assess their risk of committing crimes that could cause somatic, monetary, and reputational damage to the company. Consequently, if a person has had their record expunged then it isn’t protecting the company at all, it only allows them to see what they would like. Background checks act as a filter for the ideal candidate, for…show more content…
Pre-Qualified to get Disqualified Background checks hinder many qualified people from getting the positions they deserve. Many people have made mistakes in their youthful past but have since turned themselves around and now live a respectful life (BLUMSTEIN & NAKAMURA, 2009). Everyone has made a mistake in the past but after learning from their mistakes many have redeemed themselves and become better people. Criminal background checks reveal the individual’s old criminal record and highlight that fact, which overshadows a law-abiding life led since (BLUMSTEIN & NAKAMURA, 2009). People have started families and want to set examples for their children. Many of these people have earned college degrees hoper for a better future. Degrees are the same no matter where you get them or who gets them. A degree doesn’t reflect a hard worked education that you have succeeded not a pass that you are haunted by. A person with a past has to put forth the same amount of effort to get a degree as someone with no criminal history. If they’ve worked to obtain the degree then they should have the same opportunity regardless of their past. Same Old Person, New Clean Record People Who Have Clean Records are No Innocent, or Less Capable than Those Who Have A Criminal History. Today we have the options of having our record expunged or sealed. Having you record sealed means the public will not have access to it but certain parts of the government can access it.
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