Background Guide Of World Health Organization

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CMUNS 2015
Ou Jinzhou Chongqing Bashu secondary school
Guo fangzhu Chongqing Foreign Language School
Li kexin Chongqing Foreign Language School

• 2015 Chongqing Seniors Model United Nations Committee
• 2015 Cmuns World Health Organization

Background guide of World Health Organization
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Table of contents Welcome letter from the Secretary-General
Welcome letter from the chair
History of the committee

2. About the topic
2.1 A brief scan of the topic
1.UN Millennium Development Goals
2.2 Case
Global Epidemic disease
1.Retrospect of the epidemic disease Case1 Aids 1.Aids
2.The cause of Aids and Aids’ human factor
3.The distributing of aids
Suggestions for Further Research
Relevant UN Action Case2 Ebola
1.Statement of Ebola
4.Factors of losing control Position Paper Requirements

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