Background. In The Fast Changing And Increasingly Connected

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Background In the fast changing and increasingly connected world, information technologies play an important role in everyday life as well as in business operations. Innovations and technological advancements provide mechanism for goods or services providers and consumers to connect and transact their purchases in quick, easy, and efficient manner anywhere in the world. Companies, such as Alibaba and Amazon, rely on the technological innovations and advancements to build their business models and capitalize on them (Burinskiene, 2013). Alibaba was founded in 1999 by a group of 18 people led by Jack Ma. The company provides an e-commerce platform for global sourcing and trading of millions of products in more than 40 categories in more…show more content…
Another inconvenience that I experience is that a new window pops up every time I click on something, which can quickly clutter up my computer screen. If a user can choose how he/she prefer to operate the website (single page or pop-out window), it may enhance the user experience. Advantages and Disadvantages for Importer using Alibaba From my personal experience described above and information gathered from the reading material, Alibaba has positioned itself to grow internationally from technological readiness and growth model perspectives. However, the company continues to face with lawsuits and unhappy companies that their products have been counterfeited. As an importer, using Alibaba to supply products for my business have both pros and cons. A table below summarizes what those pros and cons are. Pros Cons - Cost: Chinese manufacturers offer significantly lower cost than those in the United States or other countries. - Variety: Alibaba has large variety of products and suppliers for buyers to source from. - Manufacturing expertise: Majority of today’s merchandises are made in China. When it comes to finding the manufactures or distributors, companies often choose China as their top choices. Additionally, Chinese manufacturers and suppliers have capability to customize anything to fit their buyers’ needs. - Convenience: Through the internet, Alibaba has connected the buyers and suppliers around the world without having to leave their countries of
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