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Background Information: Calvary Hospital For this professional practice, I decided to interview a professional who deals with the subject of death and dying on a regular basis. The interview was conducted at Calvary Hospital which is located at 1740 Eastchester Road in the Bronx. Calvary Hospital was established in 1899 and works in connection with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York. Calvary Hospital is a non-profit institution and it has a total of 225 beds. This hospital is one of the largest which focuses on end-of-life hospice and palliative care. Other programs include inpatient care, pain management, home care with bereavement and support programs for families and friends, therapeutic recreation, and music therapy. All these…show more content…
At Calvary Hospital music therapy is utilized for both family members and patients, to diminish stress and help console them. Through my research, I learned that Calvary Hospital is identified as a national clinical training location by the American Music Therapy Association. This recognition is significant because it goes to show that the music therapy program at Calvary has been effective, and other hospitals might consider adopting the music therapy program as well. At Calvary Hospital the well-being of patients is a priority; it is their mission to provide adequate services to both patients and families This hospital has strong, dedicated and caring staff members who work as bereavement counselors. Calvary offers bereavement services for young children, adolescents, and adults. Grieving counseling is offered at no cost and is available for all groups including those who have lost a beloved one at Calvary or in the community. Social workers understand and are aware of the needs of families and patients; they strive to provide, assist and support people through an array of services offered at no cost. Through their efforts, social workers seek to help relieve the family’s stress and assist them in coping with the illness of their loved ones. Contact Information: For this assignment, I had the privilege of interviewing Mr. Anthony Susie. He can be reached at the following phone number: (718) 518-2465. Position and place
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