Background Information : Chevy Volt

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Background Information: Chevy Volt
Daniella Luevano
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Background Information: Chevy Volt
Description of Product and History of the Firm
General Motors ' Chevrolet Volt is the world’s second production series hybrid-electric vehicle. It has both an electric traction motor and a gasoline engine. Its best feature is that once its 16 kilowatt-hour battery pack is drained, the 1.4 liter 4 cylinder engine switches on. When this happens it does not drive the wheels mechanically like other hybrids, instead it turns a 55 kilowatt generator that provides current to the 111 kilowatt electric motor and powers the front wheels (Voelcker, 2011). According to Fletcher (2011), this is the way diesel locomotives work, but until the Chevy Volt all hybrid cars had used their gasoline engines in parallel with their electric motors to turn the wheels. In this vehicle, the gasoline tank and combustion engine act as backup battery. Since the Volt was created for North America, General Motors took in consideration that daily commuting distances in countries like the United States are higher than in Europe or Asia. Therefore GM chose a series hybrid because it felt the design offered the best combination of electric use and limitless range. As the company points out, 78% of U.S. vehicles have an average commute of 40 miles per day, which is why this distance can be achieved on the pure electric range of the Volt (Voelcker, 2011).
The Volt has won several awards, including the…
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