Background Information On American Association For Stock Car Auto Racing

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Background Information History Bob Carlton worked for his uncle, Mel, in a muffler shop in their hometown of Chickasaw, Alabama when he was young. He tried his first time driving and found out that he was not talented at it. Instead, he was good at making the engines. Thus, his uncle gave him a corner of the shop to develop his interest: auto parts. He then outgrew and had his own racing-team clientele. With the phenomenal boom in the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR), he never lacked a business. He even had a long waiting list of customers. Then, he founded OptiMotors, a midsize auto parts manufacturer. Development Roland, the accountant of OptiMotors, suggested Bob take the vacant space across the town to increase their capacity so as to maximize the profits. Roland introduced some “angels” – investors to Bob and they persuaded Bob that the company had to invest in high-powered sales leadership. Bob agreed that the key to success was the magic words of mouth. Therefore, the angels put him in touch with Galen McDowell, who was excellent at socializing and training salespeople to become high performing. Once Galen got into the job as the sales manager, he immediately hired a few salespeople and taught them easier and faster ways to achieve targets. Within a few months, OptiMotors got a call from a big client, Kinan Motors. The company was in full production mode in improving its product quality because they wanted to close the deals with Kinan.

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