Background Information On The Business Environment

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Background Information on the Business Environment in Netherlands
The country is in the Western part of Europe, and was discovered in January 30th, 1648. The population is just under seventeen million. The capital city, Amsterdam, has a population of 779,808.
Political and legal:
Mark Rutte is a Dutch politician who became the Prime Minister of The Netherlands in the year 2010, 14th October. In addition, he also became the first liberal Prime Minister of the Netherland since the year 1918, making it ninety-eight years since the last liberal Prime Minster.
Netherlands have always been a parliamentary democratic nation since the year 1848. There are four branches of the government in Netherlands: Monarchy, Executive, Parliament and Judicial. The term Monarchy is a certain type of government with a King or Queen at reign. The Monarch has the power to form and allow legislation resides with an elected Parliament. The executive branch implements and imposes the law. Essentially, it is the very own arm of the government. There are roles that the executive branch undertakes. An example of one role is having the ability to discuss the possibility of foreign treaties with different nations. A parliament branch is a system that is completely of democratic governance of a state where the executive branch stems its very own democratic parliament and is always held responsible to that parliament. The government can speak on the behalf of a large amount of people. Another power they
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