Background Information : The Combination Class Essay

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Background Information: The combination class that I chose to teach this lesson consist of eight boys and six girls, ranging in ages from fourteen to twenty. All attend Jefferson High School in Los Angeles Unified School District. All have varies disabilities ranging from mild to moderate autism, to Down syndrome, and Cerebral Palsy that ranges from mild to severe with two students in wheel chairs. Generally, all students are excited and willing to participate in most activities. Their present level of fitness is average and are able to perform most locomotor skills at a developing level. Because of the diversity in character and disabilities, it gives me the opportunity to create a lesson that will enable them to be successful by learning from the many ability levels. In addition, all paraprofessionals are willing to contribute to the student’s success by guiding them in the right direction and enforcing rule violations. P.E. Content:  Students will sit in their roll call lines as I will be announcing the agenda for the day.  The Introduction (Warm-Up) part of the lesson will consist of direct instruction by me and whole group participation by all students.  In a circle formation, students are to perform the following stretches on my command for the arms, back, calf, shoulders, and neck: Stretches Pictures Arm swing Hold both arms at shoulder height, extended sideways, away from your shoulders. Make 10 small backward circles, then 10 small forward circles.
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