Background Information: The Tolapp Corporation

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Tolapp Corporation 1. The Tolapp identity and mission statement The Tolapp Corporation has been a long lasting presence within the American market place, creating a wide array of products, such as power tools, lawn furniture and lawn mowers, microwaves and so on. The company's business model is focused on the in-house manufacturing of the items, and their retail through established retailers, such as Wal-Mart, Sears or Best Buy. The company as such does not engage in direct sale efforts, but transfers these responsibilities to retailers that already possess logistics advantages and address specific and formed customer segments. Today however, the company seeks to expand its business model in the meaning of continuing to produce its items, yet also retailing them outside the United States. In other words, the future focus of the company would be that of successfully entering the global market place and expanding its operations and revenues. This new move creates the need to readjust the organization's mission statement so that it fits with the new strategic objective. In order to devise the new mission statement, it is important to consider the nine components of an effective mission statement, namely the function, the target consumers, the target region, the company values, the use of technology, the employees, the strategic positioning, the financial objectives and the image of the firm (Dontigney). (1) The function to become a preferred consumer choice (2)

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