Background Music During A Presentation. Music Is Found

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Background Music During a Presentation Music is found everywhere in our world we call earth. We are hearing it everywhere, from the empirical song of a songbird to the roar of a great waterfall. We are surrounded by many different types of music, and has helped many different cultures to create a calming sensation when listening to it. In this paper, we will discuss how music psychologically effects learning, why music is effective during a presentation, the effect of music on mentally challenged students, and the effect of music and memory. The Psychological Effects of Music on Learning Whenever someone listens to music, the cerebral membrane is processing it and has to depend on what type of music the brain is transmitting. (McFarland…show more content…
When having music in the right ear and filling the maze out with the left hand, it took them longer, because the right hemisphere of the brain is concentrating on the music, and the left side isn’t what is being focused on. They also found that just listening to music itself helped the subjects perform better on the mazes (McFarland & Kennison, 1987). Another way that we learn better is hearing and watching at the same time. During a presentation, a lot of times you only see the information but not hear it. Just that in itself can increase the way we learn, because of the combining of audio and visual learning. That is why when you combine music and a lecture of some sort, people seem to learn better, or remember things better. Every individual 's brain wiring is unique due to all of the different stimulations we each receive. New neural connections are made when the brain is stimulated by external environmental factors such as music. The more neural connections the brain has, the better the cells within the brain can communicate and 7 promote learning (Jensen, 1998). Music affects the state of the learner, which in turn affects the entire learning process. (Sigman, 2005, p. 5) The introduction of music on the human brain can do amazing things. It indeed makes new and sometimes even old neuro connections, which can help someone remember

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