Background Of Home Depot, Economy, And Outlook For The Future

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Background of Home Depot, industry, economy, and outlook for the future
The Home depot is considered the largest home center retailer in the US. They have four hundred and seventy-eight warehouse and also stores. The Home Depot sells approximately forty thousand different inventory for the company known for its do it yourself home improvement. The Home Depot became incorporated around 1978 (Depot, 1990).
The Home Depot had backing from a capital firm in New York, the Home Depot opened its first store in Atlanta, Georgia. The thing that helped the Home Depot financing was that when the price of the inventory was marked down, sales gained while the cost of making those sales dropped. But as the time when on the Home Depot was not doing so good and this was due to poor service, unskilled workers, and underpaid employees (Depot, 1990).
The Home Depot then decided to get tradesman on their floor as sales staff, and hiring most employees as full time. The stores made sure they had licensed plumbers and electrical sales staff. They also came up with in-store workshops to help at the do-it-yourselfers. With all this by 1984, the Home depot had nineteen stores and has sales of 256 million, this was raised by 118 percent within one year, and in 1986, they reached one million and had fifty stores. Their future was looking bright (Depot, 1990).

The short term liquidity for Home Depot
The current ratio will measure the organization ability to pay its short-term bills and other…

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