Background Of Homelessness

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Background on Homelessness For an individual condition to be considered a social issue, such as “homelessness” a portion of the population can agrees that the condition presents problems and should be changed. Homelessness can be considered a social problem and it may change depending on one’s social economic condition and popular views on how specific social issues may be handled over time to change one’s condition. For example, at any time in one’s life “homelessness” can strike an individual family in any given moment, regardless of one’s color or background. Majority of Americans are just a pay check from this issue. Homelessness has harmed our nation for years, regardless if one is elderly, poor, minorities, women and children; people from all walks of life are underrepresented within the government, are most affected by many social issues, which often arise because of inequality in educational and economic opportunities that life may bring one’s way. No one can…show more content…
There must be a balance between healthcare and pay. “Many described homelessness as a threatening and dangerous experience; relying on strong street-based social networks and their own personal strengths for survival” (Petrovich, Cronley. 2015) yet, even if and individual likes being homeless he or she has rights “that will protect homeless individuals from potential discrimination” (Toner.2015). Social workers system of standards is an ethical code, that each human service worker is accountable for deeming one’s civic code; the responsibility of each individual must profit the community as a whole. In this way, there is an equal between economic outcome and the welfare of the community alone with one’s self-worth and this is the main goal that we all must keep in mind when it comes to help
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