Background Of Ibm ( International Business Machine )

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Background of IBM (International Business Machine). In 1911, IBM was originally founded with the name Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (CTR) in New York, US. In 1924 Computing- Tabulating- Recording Company was names as International Business Machine. From the beginning IBM has been promoting diversity in the organization. As the company had its first lady vice president in 1943. IBM rank’s in top 100 companies in the “Working Mother Magazine” and awarded 1st for multicultural working women in 2009.In 1993 Louis Gerstner became the CEO of IBM (Managing Diversity for Success: The Case of IBM). Diversity from the beginning of IBM. IBM is commonly known as the leader of workplace diversity. In 1943, the president of IBM Thomas Watson declared equal pay for equal work. Same benefits were also given to females in 1960s(Kanji, Ayesha, and David A. Thomas). Critical Issues Faced by Louis Gerstner. When Louis Gerstner became the CEO of IBM in 1993 he experienced many issues with the lack of diversity at the senior level. Diversity Task Forces: Structure and Strategy. IBM launched task forces on the day of Bastille i.e. July 14,1995(Thomas, David A 100). The task force was created to enhance the chances for improvement and progression of demographic groups such as women and men, as well as Asians, Africans Americans, LGBT (lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender) individuals, Hispanics, Native Americans, and employees with disabilities (Managing Diversity for Success: The
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