Background Of Industrial Evolution Of The Industrial Revolution

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Background of industrial evolution in Britain From 1760s to 1840s, a great revolution, called as the Industrial Revolution later by historians, happened firstly in England and soon after whole European continent (Landes, 1969). Later in 19th century, the revolution also influenced North America. Machines’ flourish in inventions and applications is treated as one symbol of this period, thus, it is called “the Age of Machines” by some historians as well. In the mid-1700s, Hargreaves invented Spinning Jenny, which is the symbol of the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Then in 1775, Watt improved performances of steam engines, which is the most important turn point in the history of the Industrial Revolution. After that, a series of inventions occurred, replacing manpower with machines one by one and sharply improved working efficiency, making the world change from traditional agricultural society into modern industrial society and capitalism begin to take the power from the hand of feudalism. From above brief introductions to the Industrial Revolution, it is apparent that Britain is its birth land and Britain owes almost all inventions’ birth place. However, why Britain is the first country to raise this revolution? This essay will discuss about the background of the Industrial Revolution in England to make reasons clearer. In the first place, it will introduce colonial expansion after success of exploration around the world and what it caused. After that, Enclosure and

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